I tried to get as many of you as possible, but here are some simple notes of what to work on.


Nicole - slow hurdle clearance. Get back on the grond quick
Swifty - Hesitant at the start to the 1st and in between each hurdle
Lauren - very aggresive in between, but head is down and you stutter at the end of the race.
Kathleen - hesitant from start through 1st and 2nd hurdle. Got more aggresive through 3, 4, and 5.
Keri - Slow 3 step because you are on your heels. Floating over hurdles instead of popping back on the ground.
Hoffman - slow 3 step because you are reaching and the forces you on your heels.
Dane - very impressive 1st race. Keep eyes above hurdles and fixed towards the finish line.

55 meter dash

Neil - decent start but you are rushing through the drive phase.
Hoffman - nice speed but no drive phase.
Sid - no drive phase at all, just a pop up and run.
Nelson - Left arm just flops about, good race needs better arm drive.
Guy - drive phase was really just a bent neck. Slow with minimal arm movement out of the blocks.
Laura - no drive phase as you are to upright with gyration to generate speed instead of a slight lean and drive to propel forward.
Lauren Reidy - no drive phase, you all tall too quick but arms are better.
Lauren Byrket - Too flexed at the hip, almost bent over which stops knee drive.
Keri - Nice start, but you can't peek during a race. Stand slightly taller.